Dual Laser Comb


  • Dual-wavelength laser & LED light therapy home treatment
  • Promotes repair at cellular level
  • Encourages blood flow to the scalp for optimum nutrient-dissemination
  • Stimulates growth of hair follicles
  • Extraordinary results when used as part of the 4-Step System Kit
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Our Dual-Laser Comb is a non-invasive hair-growth laser device designed to counteract hair loss progression and restore thinning hair due to genetics or lifestyle habits.


By applying a process known as photobiostimulation that harnesses the power of dual lasers and LED wavelengths of 470nm and 660nm, this dual-laser comb delivers direct continuous therapeutic laser light energy to a precisely calculated depth within your scalp to awaken dormant follicles in the resting phase.


With daily use, the Dual-laser comb can trigger restoration of cell function and heal any inflammatory damage, promoting cellular tissue repair and regeneration

Partial or complete coverage

Its uniquely configured hair-parting teeth are designed to deliver maximum laser light energy to the follicles in just 3 minutes of daily use, making it perfect for either targeting hair-thinning areas or for complete scalp coverage.

Stimulates blood circulation

The vibrating massage function stimulates and enhances blood circulation in the scalp to ensure maximum dissemination of oxygen and nutrients to encourage sustained growth in the anagen phase, thereby maintaining an optimum hair growth cycle with the anticipated result of hair growing denser and faster.


Turn on the comb with vibration function and comb the scalp thoroughly for 3 minutes or 50 times.


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