Insights – Healthy Hair Needs Blood


Your hair needs blood to grow well

Insights - Healthy Hair Needs Blood
Blood flows through our entire bodies, providing precious oxygen and nutrition to every one of our organs. This lifeblood also flows throughout our scalp to nourish our hair follicles and make them flourish. Above all, a healthy scalp is what produces a full head of healthy hair.
When hair follicles start to develop, they are basically surrounded by blood vessels, which are part of the enormous system of nerves connecting and linking our brains and nervous systems.

Just ask anyone who has had a head injury – they can testify to the enormous amount of blood which flows, however minor the wound.

These capillary tubes delivering blood are tiny, less than a third of the width of a strand of hair. If for some reason, the blood flowing in these tiny channels is disrupted – your hair follicles will be deprived of needed nutrition. Their growth will be stunted and they will turn into dormant follicles.

One simple method to increase blood circulation in your scalp is through the basic practice of combing our hair.

It is no surprise that in both TCM and Ayurvedic circles, combing is recommended to activate blood circulation and stimulate scalp wellness.

Use a hard brush with as many touch points as possible. Brush your whole scalp firmly – but not too vigorously – from front to back, 100 to 200 times. Do not worry if your scalp becomes pink or slightly red – it shows that circulation is taking place.

You should not do this when your hair is wet – as this might pull and stretch your hair away from their follicles.

For greater effectiveness, you might want to follow this up with the Hairy Gorilla 2-laser comb, which delivers low-level light therapy in wavelengths of 470nm and 660nm, to promote hair tissue repair and regeneration.

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