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The natural, multidisciplinary, cost-effective hair regrowth system that works.

We took the superpowers of science and combined it with the goodness of nature to unleash possibilities of hair growth with no compromise. The result is our Hair Growth Ultimate System Kit, an unrivaled home care system consisting of 4 main products that work collectively to boost scalp resilience, strengthen your hair and encourage regrowth.

Our search for the ideal hair regrowth system started because we did not believe that hair loss has to be a fact of life due to genetics or aging. We wanted to develop a hair and scalp treatment system that is sustainable for you (and our own use!) in the long run – without frequent expensive trips to the hair salon, overpriced fancily packaged equipment, or lengthy daily home procedures.

We are fully committed to endorsing only research-based products that are safe and healthful to use on a daily and long-term basis. In fact, we highly encourage regular use of our products in order to see visible and sustainable results.

That’s us. Hairy Gorilla. Tough as Mother Nature intended.

And we don’t worry about hair.

The Science:

Hair growth consists of three primary phases:

  • The Anagen phase (growth phase) is the longest phase lasting 2-6 years. This is how long a single hair could keep growing for. Typically, around 80-85% of your total hair follicles are in the anagen phase
  • The Catagen phase (transition phase) begins when the Anagen phase ends. Your hair follicles start shrinking and growth comes to a stop. Under normal circumstances, only 5% or so of your hair is in this phase, and it lasts for approximately 10-14 days.
  • The Telogen phase (resting phase) is the final stage where your follicles are dormant. Hair in this phase will start shedding but new hair will be regrowing in follicles that are healthy. Approximately 10 to 15% of your hair is in this phase.
Hair cannot grow where there are no follicles, and each follicle has its own growth cycle.
What causes hair loss?

One common reason is a shortened anagen growth phase – hair is unable to keep growing for as long as before. At the same time, hair follicles produce hair that is finer than ever. This happens progressively until the follicles eventually wither away.

Another possibility is a larger-than-normal percentage of hair entering the resting phase (telogen) at the same time, as well the abnormal lengthening of this phase. The prolonging of this stage will cause increased shedding that eventually leads to hair thinning. Causes typically include heightened stress levels, poor diet, changes in hormones or side effects of medication.

One of the biggest culprits - Oxidative stress.

A leading cause of hair loss – oxidative stress, is caused by free radicals*, and research has repeatedly proven that when we are exposed to free radicals for long periods of time, the result is progressive damage of cellular structures in the follicles. This leads to follicle or scalp inflammation/ imbalance, scalp diseases, hair loss, and premature greying.

(Free radicals are caused by but not limited to: environmental pollutants, tobacco smoke, UV rays, radiation, organic solvents, chemicals from hair care products and even the food we ingest and more)

What are effective ways to stop hair loss?

Thanks to the advancement in science and medicinal technology, there are now several ways to stop excessive hair loss. Most of these methods (depending on the reasons for hair loss) typically involve long term usage of oral prescription drugs, steroid injections, hormone therapy, and hair-transplant surgery.

Is hair loss preventable without such extreme measures?

Thankfully yes. There is no foolproof way to escape either your genetics or the environment we live in completely, but you can make a significant difference to your hair and scalp health by restoring and maintaining optimal balance while counteracting oxidative stress both internally and externally with science-backed products that will holistically produce visible and sustainable results.

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